Welcome to the latest issue of Arrived.

Canada, eh?

Where most countries on Earth might be home to a handful of beautiful geological landmarks, it seems Canada is blessed with all of them.

Whether it’s the impossibly blue lakes and surrounding scenery of the Rockies, the starkly beautiful landscapes of Yukon, Ontario’s waterways or British Columbia’s peaks, there is something for everyone in this country populated by friendly people and unique wildlife.

And while most think of Canada as a winter destination, the sheer diversity of activities and adventure on offer make it an exceptional year-round travel choice, which is why we’ve decided to give our top ten of the best summer experiences to be had, eh?

We also dodge crocodiles in the Northern Territory, skirt along Ireland’s magical coastline, go yee-hawing into the Great American West, and tickle our tastebuds some of the most delicious street food we've ever had in Fukuoka, Japan.

So, much like Canada, you could say this issue of Arrived has a little bit of something for everyone. Yours in travel,

Jeremy Drake Editor

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