Get Packing

While the travel landscape has changed, our desire to travel has not.


Lugging the Laptop

While we might not know when and where we will travel next, avid travelers are ready to plan their next trip and ‘revenge travel’ is high. Those who love to explore a new destination will do so in late-2021 and beyond with fervor.

Travel plays a fundamental role in our lives to enrich us in ways nothing else can. The global pandemic has shown we can be very flexible in where we work, and the home office has become the new normal. As such, remote working has created the ‘workation’. A meld of travel and work, where you can choose where you work from during the day, and explore by night. To support your next working holiday American Tourister has just the luggage you need, with an integrated laptop compartment.

Go Bold

Lockdowns around the world have made people realize how much travel means to them. Travel allows us to take a step back from our normally busy lives and ensures positive mental health. We no longer talk about wanderlust, but about ‘wandermust’ - and why not do it in style!

When you are able to go on your next vacation, splash out with bold colors.

Stay Sustainable

The trend towards sustainability is seeing exponential growth, and it’s no different in travel. It not only applies to the places we go, and the things we do, but it extends to our belongings. The last year has shown us how important it is to protect our environment and to take better care of ourselves.

Try out some luggage made from recycled PET bottles, or for a shorter break a compact travel solution.

When life calls, be ready!