The Travel Corporation in partnership with AAA Travel

ISSUE 2 / 2021


Unlock the best in travel


From the vast plains of Africa to the giddy heights of the Swiss Alps

Welcome to the second issue of Arrived.

We hope you enjoyed our inaugural issue.

This publication was created to give you authentic experiences you can replicate, knowing you are doing the right thing by the people and planet when you travel.

Our second issue is packed with ideas to help you do just that, from the vast plains of Africa to Japan's geisha capital.

We also break down the myths about sustainability and give you some practical ideas you can apply to your own travels.

In our news section, we reveal The Travel Corporation's ambitious commitment to sustainability to ensure future generations can continue to enjoy the many corners of the world, just as we have.


The Travel Corporation in partnership with AAA Travel

Like you, we are travelers. It’s in our blood, who we are and what we do every day. We are passionate, curious and deeply committed to the idea of sustainably exploring this incredible world as part of a global community. Woven together through rich cultures, histories, wildlife and a natural beauty; our planet, our home, is something to embrace and discover. We create transformative experiences that offer life changing moments and help fulfill that deep seated urge for connection and learning.

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