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Welcome to the latest issue of Arrived.

Traveling is a feast for the senses, a reward for our instincts that are so often taken for granted as we use them practically in day-to-day life.

In this issue of Arrived, there’s a delight for each of the five; in Denmark we let our smell and tastebuds guide us through what is arguably the hottest culinary destination in the world right now. On the topic of street food, we list the best from every corner of the world in an exercise which is sure to stir some debate.

From the enviable vantage point of the luxurious S.S.Venezia, Arrived’s writer was well placed to take in the beauty of Venice, famously easy on the eyes, as well as the sounds of accordions and café musicians drifting through Piazza San Marco and elsewhere.

Feeling the fresh air at the top of the Swiss Alps and idyllic countryside is enough to invigorate anyone. In fairness, Switzerland is a treat for pretty much all of the senses, and they’re wanting to keep it this way – this article looks at the way Switzerland is continuing to lead the way in sustainable travel options.

We also go road tripping through Ireland and look at the best fashion for fall – wherever you are in the world.

It should be noted that this issue of Arrived is only a tease – you’ll have to buy a ticket to be fully content.

Tim McGlone

Tim McGlone Editor

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