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Welcome to the latest issue of Arrived.

There are many reasons why we travel. To visit family, to experience new cultures or to simply forget — if only for a brief moment — the chaos of everyday life.

In the latest issue of Arrived, we hope to not just reconnect you with some of our favorite places in Europe, but introduce you to a handful of globetrotters who remind us why we need to travel in the first place. In this story, we also unpack whether travel really can be the ultimate antidote to the last two years.

Elsewhere, we tread lightly as we meet some of Scotland's best storytellers and sustainable pioneers, from the Highlands to the Hebrides.

But nothing tickles the tastebuds quite like our intoxicating Italian food safari by Flip Byrnes. For me, her story conjures up memories of familiar aromas, tastes and most importantly the memories I have from dining with Italian people who help give context to one of the most popular cuisines in the world.

Strap yourselves in because this issue designed to inspire you to get back out exploring!

Yours in travel,

Jeremy Drake Editor

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