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For most people Africa is an enigma. It lurks on the periphery of our travel dreams like a lioness crouching behind long grass on a savanna. It is also the ultimate hidden escape, boasting some of the best luxurious bush retreats and wildlife experiences on the planet. For both these reasons, this makes it easily the most alluring vacation destination in 2022.

Africa offers the sort of sensory assault that we’re often seeking in that once-in-a-lifetime getaway. I remember my first visit to Nairobi, Kenya. Even a decade ago it was a vibrant, thriving and modern city which heaved with contemporary music, food and fashion. And even as you drive into the city from the airport, you’re reminded when you pass wildlife on the side of the highway that this is also the birthplace of safari. So as you witness humanity roar back to life in your own neighborhood this year, let us transport you with the latest issue of Arrived to the backseat of a 4WD making your way to Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda to visit a family of Mountain Gorillas. Test your taste buds in the ancient city of Fez, Morocco and find out how Kenya is changing the game when it comes to elephant conservation. Yours in travel,

Jeremy Drake Editor

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