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Welcome to the latest issue of Arrived.

In travel we are always finding new paths; our feet exploring winding trails of new terrain, sights and smells.

In the latest issue of Arrived, we follow our feet to the mystic Middle East, where we tread the Jordan trail, a 400-mile route through Jordanian life where footsteps are both brand new (in the quiet retreat of an Eco Lodge) and ancient (in the ruins that dot the path along the way).

We follow the curve of the Turkaegean coast in Turkiye – something that’s easy to do given how incredibly stunning it is, and how delightful that route is to every one of our senses.

We delicately tread through the greenery of Germany’s incredible forests, leaving no trace as we find both activity and unheralded beauty in abundance.

As well as these extraordinary routes, we’ve found the ten best bookstores you’re ever likely to come across, and tell you how to take great photos with only the device in your pocket…because often, that’s all there is.

This issue of Arrived is a journey for the ages...fortunately its one that you can take from your living room, or the subway.

Yours in travel,

Jeremy Drake Editor

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